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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stewart Superior's Palette Hybrid Ink Pads - IN STORE!

We now are carrying Stewart Superior's new Palette Hybrid ink pad, which represents the latest innovation in stamping ink technology. It eliminates all the confusion over which ink to use for what surface - because it works on everything and is a non-solvent ink! This means it doesn’t smell bad and it’s nonflammable and it won’t immediately dry out. It dries instantly on paper and porous surfaces and requires a heat-set on glossy surfaces and fabrics. This ink is acid free, archival, and non-fading. It works on all surfaces, has a raised pad surface for inking any size stamp. It leaves a crisp, detailed, non-bleeding impression in brighter colors, is fast drying and waterproof. Dynamic new box design with lid snapping into base for easier grip of inkpad.

Remember GLITTER will get you 20% off of all purchases regular or sale price through the end of November.....check it out! ~michelle~

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