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Saturday, November 15, 2008

At You Spica Glitter Pens - IN STORE!

Check these out!!! They are great for letters, cards, diaries and scrapbooking. The set comes in a wide color range with bright brilliant ink that is waterproof after drying. Unique pen tip draws smoothly with non-drip ink. They are archival, acid free and non-toxic. They come in a vinyl case for storage.

12 of the Spica Colors are included:
  • 01 Lavender
  • 02 Pink
  • 03 Red
  • 04 Orange
  • 05 Lemon
  • 06 Melon
  • 07 Olive
  • 08 Turquoise
  • 09 Sky Blue
  • 10 Black
  • 11 Gold
  • 12 Silver

These are also very fun to layer over images covered with Copics for a deeper color. The glitter is IN the ink...they are smooth glitter, not bumpy like ultrafine glitter or Stickles. ~michelle~


  1. I just ordered these from you today!!! I can't wait to get them :)
    I found your sites thru Ching (I forgot to mention when I checked out, sorry!)
    Love what you're doing! I hope to join in on your next challenge!
    BTW! I noticed that you are a Twilight-fan!!! Please feel free to check out my Twilight inspired cards ;)
    Thanx sooo much! xoxo, margie

  2. Thanks Margie! I sent your copics today!
    I love Twilight! I can't wait for it to be released. I've read the books twice and am waiting on them to be returned so I can read them again!