Embellish It

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spotlight on Guest Designer: Amanda Sewell!

1. Describe your style in 5 words or less.....

~~~~Layers, stitched, geometric and balanced, clean edges. Okay, that was seven words. DOH!

2. What is your favorite embellishment?!

~~~~Top five because as if I could choose just one: buttons, brads, ribbon, prima flowers, sewing

3. What time of day are you most creative?!

~~~~Whenever I can catch a free moment to stamp? lol! I have three kids and one on the way so time is scarce. I find I like the work I create most early in the morning before everyone is up or late a night after everyone is in bed. It is the only time of day when I can finish a whole project in one sitting.

4. Do you start with your design elements and see where you end up, or do you sketch your work out first?!

~~~~I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda stamper. I like to work with sketches but I don't usually sketch out my card. I just have all my "goodies" all around me and if I see something that will work, I hold it up to the card and then add it. Usually I don't glue everything down till the very end though so I can move stuff around.

5. Dessert or snack of choice?!

~~~~Chocolate! Specifically Lindt Chocolate bars (I like dark chocolate, dark chocolate mint, or dark chocolate orange just in case you all want to send these to me )

6. If I had a million dollars.....

~~~~I would open up my own stamp shop/studio and teach classes and create! It is my dream to do this in my town one day!!!

Items used from the store:

~BasicGrey's Lemonade Collection

You can see more of Amanda's beautiful work here in our gallery and on her blog!


  1. ~nice to *meet* you Amanda!

    I'm with you on all of it except the 3 kids and one on the way! ;)
    You're a busy mamma, about to become busier! Best wishes!!! :)

  2. loved your interview amanda, nice to "meet" you! you're work is so incredibly gorgeous!

  3. Welcome Amanda! I loved your interview :) You are one busy lady! Thanks for joining us!

  4. Gorgeous card Manda! But then I always love your work! :D