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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teapot Tuesday Wednesday!!

You're invited to a teaparty!

Quoted from Mothermark herself:

This is my story!

1. It's a good day for ducks! Quack, Quack!! Isn't this teapot a kick? I got this teapot in the mail from a friend and fellow Blogger, LeAnn. LeAnn sent me two teapots. This fun little duckpot and a beautiful floral one which I am excited to use in my challenge too!

2. I thought it would be a good day for ducks! The leftover bees have thinned out, the bunnies have moved on and the only thing we have to worry about this week is ducks in the cups. You know how they are, always looking for some body of water. Should we do iced tea so we don't burn their butts?

3. I love both of my new teapots and I am thrilled to have received them from LeAnn!

If you are inspired by Cindy's teapot....please play along! TPT30 is the code to add to your card and upload to our gallery!! We'd love to see what YOU come up with!! ~michelle~

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