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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teapot Tuesday Challenge #8!

Welcome to Teapot Tuesday #8! The way Cindy looks at it, until someone figures out how we can all get together in person for a cup of tea on a Tuesday morning, we will just have to settle for getting together to make cards inspired by teapots.

The rules for this challenge are easy because there are none! Well, maybe just one!
No coffee pots allowed! Check out her picture of this week's Teapot and her sample card. Then you make a card based on how you were inspired by that Teapot! No rules, no deadlines.

Have Fun and thanks for joining us for Tea this Tuesday morning! (or whatever morning you get around to making your card!)Here is her card and here is her card and Teapot #8.

Make sure you put TPT8 in the keywords section of your upload page!

1 comment:

  1. How does she do it? EVERY WEEK!!! Gorgeous. I can't wrap my brain around these challenges I think I have nothing, then go DOH I coulda....

    I am going to have to try to play in one of these fun challenges :)