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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glue Glider Max - IN STORE!

Glue Glider Max GlueArts
There are lots of different types of adhesive runners but only GlueArts brings you a couple of bargains you can’t pass up. Easy glide-on dispensing action, allows you to apply a small controlled amount or a continuous line of the best performing and most permanent adhesive ever offered. Guaranteed. You won’t have to worry about reloading in the middle of a project with our easy slip-in, disposable cartridges. No more messy threading or opening delicate dispensers. No mess. No frustration.

Just easy application of pressure sensitive adhesive permanently adheres any item to any surface. When you add it all up, GlueArts® Glue Gliders® are the most cost effective new adhesive solution available.
Once you glide it, you’ll stick with it forever!

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